What makes Brighton MI real estate so special?
Brett Herring

Brett Herring

Brighton Michigan Residential Real Estate Expert. Licensed Realtor With Century 21 Affiliated.

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What Makes Brighton MI Real Estate So Special?!?

Brighton MI real estate is some of the most sought after in the entire state of Michigan. It has a lot to do with being in Livingston County which has higher average property sales price values than most other counties throughout Michigan. Let’s discuss some of the other reasons why Brighton MI is such a coveted location to call home. From award winning restaurants to a flourishing school district, Brighton offers so much value to it’s residents. 

Brighton MI Real Estate Sales

Livingston County is one of the top counties in the state for number of residential home sales, as well as average sales price. In fact, in 2019, Livingston County had the highest average sales price of any county in Michigan with over 1000 listings. Of the cities in Livingston County, Brighton MI ranked third in average residential sales price for cities with 50 or more listings. Although, sales prices don’t necessarily determine the quality of the city, they do show a strong desire to live in the area. Generally speaking, cities with higher sales prices are valued more than cities with lower average sales prices. Cities with higher average sales prices are also much more beneficial to purchase property in rather than renting a house. Let’s explore what makes this area of Michigan so coveted.

brighton mi real estate sales
brighton mi real estate agent sales

Location, Location, Location

Brighton MI is considered the midway point between the state capital in Lansing MI and the largest metropolitan city, Detroit. This makes buying Brighton MI real estate a great option if commuting to work is necessary, and you’re looking for a more suburban lifestyle. Established in 1832, Brighton quickly became known for its hotels and inns due to its’ location. Brighton was such an easy place for travelers to rest on their trips between Lansing and Detroit. With the increase in travelers, the downtown area was able to take shape featuring a market for grocery stores and other local businesses to arise. Although more settled today, Brighton MI still remains a wonderful city to stretch your legs on your lengthy travels.

Public School Success

Brighton MI public school system is highly regarded in Livingston County. In fact. it has been rated the number one school district per niche.com. They have been rated number one for a quite a few reason including school safety, teacher, academics, and college prep. Their facilities are second to none, especially their high school athletic training facilities. Resembling a division one college, their weight room is something to behold. Consistently rated in the top 20 school districts in Michigan, Brighton MI schools provide the learning environment it takes to succeed through the entire K-12 system. Brighton Public School District is a school of choice district. Meaning, students within Brighton can choose the school they would like to go to, and students with in Livingston County may apply to attend Brighton schools as well.

Restaurants & Dining Experiences

Any foodie knows, the quality of a town or city can often be determined by the quality of food and dining experiences. Well, Brighton MI doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delicious eateries. Whether you’re looking for a quick, delicious bite, or you’re planning a romantic night out, Brighton’s restaurants will keep you satisfied. Ciao Amici’s comes to mind immediately if you’re in the mood for a find Italian dinner. Have a craving for something more classic American, check out Brighton Bar and Grill. After your night out dining and having fun, make sure to head into Cheryl’s Place for a delicious and filling breakfast. Brighton MI may not be the sushi mecca, but Sushi Zen will have you thinking otherwise. To appease your sweet tooth, head over to Grand Traverse Pie Co. and have a slice or three of their out of this world pies! With all these delicious places to eat and many more, how could you not consider Brighton MI real estate?

Wonderful People

We all know, finding the place to call home is only as amazing as the people who live there. This is especially true in Brighton MI. You can buy a home anywhere, but purchasing Brighton MI real estate means you’re a part of a wonderful community of hard working, prideful, and caring people. You really get the Midwest charm feeling when you visit Brighton. Everywhere you go, you’ll be greeted with a smile and warm welcomes. Michigan really is as great as it’s reputation, and Brighton MI is no different. You won’t have to search very far for a casual conversation, and boy does it feel great to have people take an interest in getting to know you. You really do get the best of the big city comforts with the charm of small town living. 


You won’t get bored living in Brighton MI. There are tons of things to do and places to go. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, or something fun indoors on a rainy day, you’ll be sure to find some exciting options. 

Outdoor Activities:

It’s no secret Michiganders enjoy the true beauty their home state has to offer. Getting outside in the sun is an absolute must, and what better way to do that then to visit the Brighton State Recreation Area. Here you can ride bike trails, hike, kayak on the lake, and even ride horses. Speaking of riding horses, be sure to check out Brighton Recreation Riding Stable for some equestrian fun. 

Another trail to check out is the Mill Pond Trail at Mill Pond Park. Mill Pond Park is 90 acres of wetlands bisected by the Chippewa River. It has a number of trails, picnic areas and a playground for the kids. Ah yes, the kids, if you have children be sure they visit the Imagination Station! It’s a 10,000 square foot playground they’re sure to love! Lastly, head over to Jump Island at Bishop Lake. With it’s inflatable rafts and floating trampoline, you’re not going to want to leave! It’s fun for all ages to get out on the water.

Indoor Fun:

Brighton MI has no shortage of fun activities to keep you busy on those days where being outdoors isn’t ideal. From bowling at Brighton Bowl to taking in a play at A Wilde Theatre, you’re sure to find something that interests you. Are you artistic? Paint and Pour is a great experience to socialize, have a glass of wine, and let out your inner Picasso. If you’re into retro video games, The Arcade is a great place relive some of your childhood, or show your children what video games used to be like before X-box and Playstation. 

Some games are more challenging and involve more problem solving, Puzzled Escape is one of these games. It’s a live action escape room where logic and problem solving are needed to escape. Bring your friends and family to help you crack the codes and get out. If games aren’t for you and you’d rather do something active, try Sky Zone Trampoline. Brighton MI is home to the world’s first wall to wall indoor trampoline park, it’s a blast for the whole family. After getting your exercise, it’s time for something a little less strenuous. The Lingenfelter Collection is the perfect collection if you’re a car lover. It’s got cars from every era and you’ll be amazed at how pristine they are. While not open to the public currently, you can schedule special showings for corporate events, car-club special showings, and charity events.

Brighton MI real estate

To Sum It All Up

Well, if your mind isn’t made up on buying that Brighton MI real estate you’ve been thinking about, I don’t know what will do it. There’s so much Brighton has to offer, I can’t possibly write about it all. You’ll have to just come witness it for yourself and fall in love with the town, the people, and the surrounding areas. That’s the beauty of living in Brighton MI, you’re right in the middle of everything Brighton may not have. You can’t beat living in a town where you’ve got what you need and are less than an hour drive from Lansing and Detroit. If you’re ready to make that move, be sure to contact your local Brighton MI REALTOR so we can find you that perfect home!