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Buy & Sell with The Beard

Buy & Sell with The Beard

Homes for sale in Michigan come in all different shapes and sizes. From untouched land to luxurious compounds, Michigan has it all! You’ll have no shortage of properties to look at and compare. With all these properties for sale, finding your current or future home’s value is a breeze!

Why buy and sell with The Beard? There are many similarities between growing a nice beard and a successful real estate transaction. Both take patience, attention to detail, daily care, and dedication. Neither come without some awkward phases, but those who persevere are rewarded with something beautiful! I relish the work it takes to help my clients close and achieve the success they dream of. 

Both buyers and sellers are dear to me. From the initial meeting to the closing table, I am your agent on your team! You are important to me and thus what is important to you is important to me. I believe the best way to ensure success is to be completely transparent and honest. Lastly, I’m of the firm belief, the best of  ones abilities is their availability. This means, I will be available when you need me. You’re not the real estate expert, so I won’t allow you to do the worrying about what is going on with the transaction or what needs to be done next. Any questions you have, I will be available to answer!

Brett Herring homes for sale in michigan
Brett Herring
Waterfront homes for sale in Michigan are abundant. Michigan is not just the Great Lakes. There are tons of lakes of all sizes to find waterfront property on. In other states, finding a home on the water comes at a pricey cost, but Michigan's another story. There are so many bodies of water I can often find you one in your price range!
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First time buyers
I work with all types of buyers and sellers, but first time buyers are some of my favorite clients. I love seeing the joy on a first time homeowners face when they receive their keys. The real estate transaction can be stressful, but I will help make it easy and enjoyable. It takes an expert to know how to get your dream home at a price you can afford!
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New Builds
There are more new build homes for sale in Michigan almost daily. If you're looking for something that's never been lived in before, I can help you find it. Having relationships with builders is part of my real estate knowledge. I can help you find the right builder in the right location for you to thrive! Don't let the builder dictate all the terms, remember they are the seller. Allow me to represent you, since it doesn't cost you a dime.
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Do you know

the value of your home?

Understanding the value of your home can be complicated. There are quite a few factors to consider, and they’re not always obvious. Do you know what type of appraisal is going to be done to determine the highest and best use of your property? Have you made updates or remodeled your property? Do you know how your home compares to those sold around you? 

I’m guessing most don’t, and this is where I earn my keep. Helping you determine the proper price to list you home at is my specialty. It’s important to maximize your sales price while balancing your time on the market. This is especially crucial if you’re looking to buy a new property with the proceeds from the sale of your current home. 

homes for sale in michigan brick colonial
Do you know

How to buy a home?

Buying homes for sale in Michigan can be a fun and exciting event! However, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Did you know, most real estate commissions are paid by the sellers? That’s right, employing a Realtor to help you purchase your home generally doesn’t cost you anything! The value of having an expert negotiator who’s familiar with the neighborhood on your side is a huge advantage.  

An expert Realtor should help you find the perfect home. Not the home that will net them the most commission. Or the home that will be an easy, slam dunk, sale. You deserve to have the home you want at a price you can afford. You also deserve someone who will go the extra mile to ensure you have an easy and smooth transaction. Most transactions run into some sort of snag along the road to closing, but I shoulder that stress so you don’t have to. Click below to see what the buying process is like from start to finish.

Homes for sale in michigan

Styles of homes

The are so many styles of homes for sale in Michigan. Do you know what you’re looking for? I’m always working to find the perfect home you’re envisioning, and knowing the terms helps us work from the same playbook.

If you’re like most buyers, you’ve seen HGTV and know what features you’re looking for, but maybe not the name of them. It’s okay, I can help. Follow the link below to see a few style terms you may want to include in your search for your dream home. 

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michigan homes for sale remodeled
buying a home


Do you know how you’re going to secure your new home? Are you a cash buyer, or do you need to find a lender? Not all lenders are created equal, and finding the right one for you can be complicated. Fortunately, I have your back! 

Meeting lenders is in my job description, and I know what questions to ask to weed out the good ones from the not so good ones. Everybody has a different financial profile, so financiers are not one size fits all. Click the button below to learn more about lending and what  questions to ask.

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homes for sale in michigan


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